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friends only please

    i always love meeting new people! :)

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as long as you keep me! :-) lol
you betcha!
oh oh keep me please! i love reading your entries, i am sorry i dont always comment!
that's okay! i didn't even mean to repost a friends only entry but i changed the graphic and i didn't know how else to post it except for do a new one for today. oops! i won't delete you though!
do i get to stay too??
no, i'm deleting you ASAP. we are not friends, never were, and never will be. SORRY. haha, jk! of course i'm keeping you lou ann!


11 years ago

please keep me! I love your entries.
yep, i plan on keeping everyone. i just decided to change the graphic of my friends only banner and so i had to delete my old entry and make a new one. i didn't think everyone would think they were getting deleted though. :) but i definitely will keep you and everyone else! i'm glad you like my entries even though they are boring and nothing new ever seems to be going on in my life.
im commmenting because lol u commented on mine. i read ur interests and i realized that we do have a lot in common. :) add me as a friend if ya wanna!
you are added! :) i have to warn you, though, my life isn't all that exciting. you'll probably get bored with my entries really fast. lol. :)


11 years ago

Hi, can you add me?? I'm always up for meeting new people too. lol
I saw we have some things in common and I love your icon!

Add me hun?

you are added! :) i love your icon too! thanks for commenting! it definitely seems like we have lots in common. :)
Hey there! My name's Becky and I got your LJ name from holdmenow's journal entry when she wished you happy birthday. So, I looked at your user info (cause I'm nerdy like that) and noticed you're in the elementary education communities. I'm actually student teaching this semester and also from Minnesota so we have a bit in common (on and I LOVE scrapbooking). Add me?
::slaps forehead :: Oops, it wasn't your birthday, she was wishing you a happy engagement. Haha.
I normally don't add strangers, but you caught me in a good mood. I added you to my friends list. How did you find me?
well i'm glad i caught you in a good mood. :) i actually came across your page when i was doing a search. one of my best friends just bought me a paid account for 2 months and so now i can do the "advanced" search. i was bored last night, what can i say?? :) hee. is it okay if i add you too?
Hey! I just saw your comment on my livejournal about Hawaii. We stay on Maui at the Papakea is on the west side of the island.

When are you going on your honeymoon? Where are you planning to stay?

Also, Carrie Underwood is awesome :)

we are leaving for our honeymoon on august 8 and returning the 17th. we are flying into honolulu but we don't know wher ewe are staying yet. well, we booked a hotel at the holiday inn near waikiki beach but we're looking for a condo so we can cancel our hotel.

yeah, i love carrie! i still need to get her cd though!
hi! yea i went to uwec sept 02-may 04. If I had stayed I would've been graduating this May, but the transfer threw me off and now I won't be done till next December. Anyway, I really liked it there, I miss it a lot sometimes. The cities are great though...definitely where I'm meant to be! Congrats on the graduation....must be a good feeling (and maybe a scary one too, haha). Talk to you later! :)
Hi again. I was just gonna tell you I added you and you can add me too if you want! See ya!
Hi Kristie,
I saw your comment in my journal (from the other day) and I would be happy to add you as a friend! :-)

Can we be friends? I added you to mine, so maybe check me out and decide if we have some commonality!
Hi, I saw you when I was commenting in babybelle83's journal. My name is Kristie, too, and I'm also a teacher. Well, I used to teach. I went back to get my Master's in Library Science last year. I like being a librarian A LOT better, but still miss subbing.

I just had to comment--we Kristie's need to stick together. Nice meeting you!

hi ... we have a few things in common i think....add me to your friends?
yep, you're added! :) i look forward to getting to know you better! thanks for finding me - we do seem to have lots in common. :D
Oops I commented on the wrong post. If you didn't see the other one, this is Becky (self_collection) on my new journal.
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