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she looked good, she looked fine, then i nearly lost my mind

adam's parents came last night for the weekend so they can watch emma since we had adam's company christmas party last night. it was actually more fun than i expected. i met his boss and his wife and a few other people and we had some fun conversations! it was one of the more fun christmas parties that we've ever gone to in my opinion. they still need to get new desserts (maybe chocolate cake??) since every year it's cheesecake and apple pie. gross. :P

this morning sandy and i are taking emma to urgent care. she's had really bad diarrhea for the past week or so and jody said she was tugging on her ear on friday and so i called the nurse last night and she adviced me to bring her in this morning. at least she doesn't have a fever and she's still sleeping pretty well. i'm just getting up during the night to change her all of the time because the stench is so bad! i also haven't been sleeping very well which stinks. i hope she feels better soon!

we have the sauke's annual christmas party tonight and so i have to get our gifts together for that. i also have a hair appointment this morning. we'll see if i'm able to squeeze it all in! i'm feeling like today is going to be a busy day already!

sandy picked up some carseats for us and so we're hoping to try those out today and see which ones we like the best so we can switch emma out of her infant carrier and put her in the next size. we just got a safety recall notice on her infant carrier, too, so this couldn't have been more perfect timing! both of the carseats are very nice so it's just a matter of which one emma fits in better and which one we can buckle her in and out of the best.

phil and sandy also picked up emma's 6 month pictures on there way through onalaska. they saved us a trip! the pictures turned out pretty cute. i'll have to scan them next week at school so i can post some. i have to say, i liked the ones my friend courtney took when she was up better, but these are still cute. the lady just had a hard time getting emma to look at her and not adam and i. oh well, what can ya do??

time to get a few things done and maybe hop in the shower before emma is up!
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