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adam's parents came last night for the weekend so they can watch emma since we had adam's company christmas party last night. it was actually more fun than i expected. i met his boss and his wife and a few other people and we had some fun conversations! it was one of the more fun christmas parties that we've ever gone to in my opinion. they still need to get new desserts (maybe chocolate cake??) since every year it's cheesecake and apple pie. gross. :P

this morning sandy and i are taking emma to urgent care. she's had really bad diarrhea for the past week or so and jody said she was tugging on her ear on friday and so i called the nurse last night and she adviced me to bring her in this morning. at least she doesn't have a fever and she's still sleeping pretty well. i'm just getting up during the night to change her all of the time because the stench is so bad! i also haven't been sleeping very well which stinks. i hope she feels better soon!

we have the sauke's annual christmas party tonight and so i have to get our gifts together for that. i also have a hair appointment this morning. we'll see if i'm able to squeeze it all in! i'm feeling like today is going to be a busy day already!

sandy picked up some carseats for us and so we're hoping to try those out today and see which ones we like the best so we can switch emma out of her infant carrier and put her in the next size. we just got a safety recall notice on her infant carrier, too, so this couldn't have been more perfect timing! both of the carseats are very nice so it's just a matter of which one emma fits in better and which one we can buckle her in and out of the best.

phil and sandy also picked up emma's 6 month pictures on there way through onalaska. they saved us a trip! the pictures turned out pretty cute. i'll have to scan them next week at school so i can post some. i have to say, i liked the ones my friend courtney took when she was up better, but these are still cute. the lady just had a hard time getting emma to look at her and not adam and i. oh well, what can ya do??

time to get a few things done and maybe hop in the shower before emma is up!
17 June 2009 @ 09:56 am
Emma Rose has arrived and it was perfect timing! School got out on Wednesday, June 10, and I had her on Thursday, June 11th. It couldn't get any more perfect than that. Now I have the entire summer with my little munchkin.

Thursday morning I had an appointment at 8:15. As I was standing on the scale to be weighed I felt my water break (or what I thought could be it). Then I walked into the room and the nurse took my blood pressure and told me to get undressed from the waist down and Suzanne would be in soon. As soon as I bent over to take off my capris, water started trickling/gushing and would not stop coming. I tried to wipe it up off the floor but it kept coming. Thankfully Suzanne came in soon and I told her and she checked me to make sure it was my water and then hooked me up to a monitor to check baby's heartbeat and make sure all of that was fine. Since I wasn't having any contractions, she asked if I wanted to go home or go over to the hospital. I chose home. So I called Adam on my way and told him not to bother going into work since we were having a baby today! At home I finished up laundry, got my bag packed, and Adam and I played Super Nintendo to pass the time! haha. Then at about 12:35 my doctor called me and asked if I was having contractions yet and I really wasn't having much of anything but she still wanted me to come in. At 1pm we checked into the hospital and I started walking around the labor and delivery floor to help her drop. At about 2pm is when I started feeling stronger contractions and had to back to the room to lay down since I couldn't take it standing up. That is when I also requested an epidural but since I was already 9cm at around 4 they said they didn't think I'd need it and offered an intrathecal instead which is a one time shot in the spine. I got that and felt so much better. In fact, I was laughing with the nurses and trying to hook the anesthesiolgist up with one of Adam's single guy friends. hee. At 5pm I was fully dialated and they wanted me to start pushing. I couldn't feel much except for a slight pain in my back which is how I knew when I was having a contraction. Unfortunately at about 7pm my pain medication wore off and so for about 40 minutes I did it naturally which was the worst pain ever! I asked for something more since I was in so much pain but they said we were going to have the baby soon and didn't want to waste time with giving me more medication. They ended up using the vaccuum to help get her out since I was exhausted after 2.5 hours of pushing and the last 40 minutes with no medication! In one push with the help of the vaccuum she was out at 7:37pm. Everything was so surreal. I remember watching Adam cut the cord and then the wrapped her and put her on me and kept wiping her off and I was just in awe. I can't even describe the feeling. I held her the entire time Suzanne was stitching me up which helped take my mind off of things. Then awhile later they weighed and measured her. She was a perfect 7 pounds 8 ounces and 19.5 inches long. All in all my labor and delivery were very quick for my first time and I am so thankful for that. I would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat!

We stayed at the hospital for two nights and the nurses were all so helpful and accomodating. I am so impressed with their staff. Dr. Anderson (Emma's pediatrition) came in and checked her and made sure everything was good. Friday night in the hospital they give you a nice fancy meal with flowers and everything. We had soup and then Adam got steak and potatoes and I had shrimp and rice and we each had dessert afterwards. It was pretty darn good and awfully nice of the hospital to do things like that.

On Saturday we got our first visitors - Adam's parents. They were the only ones to come and visit. Adam's coworkers would have come on Friday but I really wasn't up for visitors. I know Suzanne wanted to come and meet Emma too but I was just beat and exhausted and in my gown that I wasn't up for chatting and having people coming in and out. We got enough of that with all of the nurses who came in constantly to check my blood pressure and check Emma. My doctor, Suzanne, also stopped by on Saturday to discharge us so we got a picture with her and I thanked her and pretty soon we were on our way home.

Things have not been the same since she's been here but in a good way of course! Even though I'm majorly lacking sleep, she's worth it! Since I'm nursing a lot of her needs fall on me which is fine, except I literally don't get much sleep at night since she's up constantly. She also likes being held so if someone isn't holding her she won't go to sleep and that's hard. She won't sleep in her bassinet for the life of us. We've been trying to put her in there during the day for naps and that's worked okay, but even right now I have her laying on my boppy on the bed in the room. :)

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I should get a few things done now before she wakes up again! Tomorrow is her one week checkup and Adam and I are both taking her. It'll be our first outting as a family. We'll see how it goes. :)
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01 January 2004 @ 12:48 pm

    i always love meeting new people! :)

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